10.29.16 Remix presents "INGREDIENTS"

The most entertaining DJ BATTLE you've ever seen. Also, live performance from CONSTANTLY MOVING FRAMES (DJ Villo) as he performs from his newest DVD Release "Transmitter of Higher Consciousness". DJ Support from Scot Shapiro.

DATE: October 29, 2016 • 5pm - 10pm
WHERE: REMIX 1217 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803


We cannot thank you all enough for the amazing "Finally Grand Opening" bash!

First, thank you to Brian Tangredi and ZACH Hoffman for their behind the scenes work. You both went above and beyond!

Thanks to The District for all you did to help us pull this off. The Bart, Hourglass Brewery, Wills Pub, Pop Thai, Bem Bom, Burger Lab, thanks for the food and beverages!

Thank you to Mainline Marketing and Mathew Scot and Sandwich Bar for tons of great gear!

What an amazing list of DJ Talent! Miss Bliss, Dabble, Justin Davis, Crosstown Sounds (party in the tent), Lee Coombs, Smilin' Dan, Mot, Kris Kokopelli, Noel Sanger, Mathew Scot, Andy Hughes and Dave Cannalte! You all crushed!

Last, anyone who came out and supported us both last night and since we've opened! This is a great adventure and we're so honored that you would join it with us. Just the beginning! Fred, you rock, greatest surprise eva'!

Love to all
Remix (Cliff, Nate & KELLEY)