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The Record Collector's Collection

The Record Collector's Collection

We did a thing... we acquired a record collection.†

Iím sore in every place imaginable. 15 steps down from the second floor. Then into the truck.Back up those 15 steps, grab another box, and head back down. Repeat.

Taking that last box down the stairs was the best moment!! I could have cried... no time for that! Off to the storage unit we go...

Unloading into the storage unit... ha... lesson learned... donít ever go backwards down the ramp with the dolly... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Itís ok... no records were hurt in the process of that!†

8.5hrs later... we were done.

Thank you @djsmilindan for jumping right in and getting those two rooms cleared. We couldnít not have done that without you. You are the best!

Thank you @defjeff1769†for holding down the fort at the shop!!†

Wayne!! Thank you so much for helping us! I donít know how we got the job of running up and down the stairs but we did it! Thank you thank you for staying until the bitter end... the storage unit. Lol... "when will we get to half!" "Sanity check!!"†

To the two young men that jumped in for that last push... thank you!!

@clifftangredi wow... just wow... you organized that truck as perfectly as it could possibly be. I donít know how you did it. The weather... it wasnít horrible... and we welcomed the rain but the humidity... thank you for driving the uhaul and getting the perfect size storage unit.

After all of that, you managed to go to play at the club! Iím so happy to see things heading back towards normal.

Our new project... 90-days to process this collection... starts... now!†

As for myself... Iím grateful. It was a labor of love. I love that record store with my whole heart.

Failure is not an option.

(Photo: Only half of the collection)†

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