Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!

2 Year Anniversary - REMIX RECORD SHOP

2 Year Anniversary - REMIX RECORD SHOP

Happy 2 year anniversary, REMIX!
MLK Day two years ago Nathan ManersCliff Tangredi and I opened the doors to a cool little shop in the Mills50 District of Orlando. We were very fortunate to pick up Jeff Gruszel and Smilin Dan along the way. Today we are a full on well-curated record store. We’ve come along way and we’re looking forward to what the future will hold. If you happen to be in the Orlando area stop and see the guys at the shop. We’re having a little 2 year anniversary sale today... 20% off most used LPs and 50% off most 12” dance singles. Open from 11a-7p. Thanks again for 2 wonderful years! 🖤

See you soon! 

Kelley J. Maners

REMIX, 1217 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL, 32803